One of the most critical pieces of equipment in deep mining activity is rock scaling vehicles. “Look up and live,” a wise person once said. This concept is suitable for the field of rock scaling. It denotes the presence of large, loosely attached rocks on the cave surface. It may collapse at any moment as a result of blasting vibrations or an earthquake. A rock scaling unit is used to get out of these conditions.

What is rock scaling

  • Removing unstable or possibly lose rocks using hand tools or a rock scaling machine is known as rock scaling.
  • On rappel, deep mining, and tunneling, rock scaling is the safest and most efficient.
  • It’s mostly done from the ground down to avoid putting the technicians on top of loose rocks. When it comes to rockfall prevention, this is usually the first phase.
  • The supervisor closely examines the surroundings to decide if the scaling process would be helpful for manual or rock scaling automatic activity.
  • The rock scaling unit accelerates the speed of the rock scaling process in the mine.

Working Principle of Underground Rock Scaling

The operating principle of a modern rock scaling jumbo is easy. The aim is to clear the loose rocks from the cave floor. In this situation, a scaling jumbo will typically scale up to 9 meters.

The extensive dangerous areas are appropriate for scaling Jumbo operations. These jumbos have a valuable steady thrust on the loose rock’s corner. As a result, the unstable stones collapse to the ground.

On the other hand, a scaling jumbo completes its procedure and collects the rocks ahead of the vehicle.

How to choose your Underground Scaling Jumbo

Minerals and wealth abound on this planet. As a result, mineral extraction will occur for a long time. Choosing a suitable underground scaling jumbo has recently become problematic in the business community, relying on various business styles worldwide.

We’ve put together a quick guide to help you pick the proper scaling jumbo for your mining project right now. The key considerations to remember when selecting a suitable scaling jumbo are outlined in the following seven points.

Machine Size

Consider the size and complexity of the project you need rock scaling equipment for when you first look at the venture and consider which kind of rock scaling equipment you’ll need for mining.

Compared to other underground mining machines, an deep rock scaling vehicle is usually a heavy-duty piece of machinery. These trucks can vary in size from bucket trucks to 350-ton boom crane trucks for larger-scale mining activity.

More oversized items of technology, such as these rock scaling devices, are not only ideally suitable for more extensive tunnels, but they may often operate under less-than-ideal operating environments.

Spare Parts Availability

Since your rock scaling machine would be an essential part of the underground tunnelling process, you’ll want to ensure you have everything you need to keep it running smoothly.

This feature may require the use of replacement parts, technicians, or both, depending on the sort of machine you’re using.

Choose a piece of machinery with readily accessible replacement parts in case of breakdown, and ensure that you can contact an expert about your construction equipment rental if the need occurs.

Versatility and ease of handling

If practicable, the machine chosen should be able to do several functions and be inter-convertible.

One of the most critical factors to remember for any deep mining vehicle is the ease of handling.

The operator’s cabin role determines the ease of operation.

The primary and easy-to-use system will increase your output pace, but the comparatively complicated feature will render managing the rock scaling machine more difficult.

Dependable manufacturers

It is often preferable to purchase equipment from a reputable manufacturer or a reputable and dedicated dealer that you may turn to in an emergency.

Often choose a trustworthy retailer or distributor that can provide timely after-sales support.

Safety Features

The purpose of using the rock scaling machine is to render tunnels smoother and more effective. The process of rock scaling is sometimes dangerous. Thus, lots of precautionary steps are taken into account to get a safe mine operation. In this case, if you’re going to buy rock scaling tools, make sure they’ll help you complete your project more efficiently.

Furthermore, Choose only the equipment that meets universal safety requirements, as this will enable you to guarantee the safety of your employees conveniently. Substandard machinery is well recognized for causing a slew of safety issues.


If you use the rock scaling machine only for a portion of its practical existence, you should weigh the option of disposing of it.

Take into account the machine’s discontinuation.

Unit Cost

One of the most critical factors to consider when choosing a suitable rock scaling mining equipment is the cost per equipment unit.

All factors in cost, such as shipping, loading and forwarding, security, erection, commissioning, and so on, should be available in the amount charged to the seller when measuring the ownership fee.

On the other hand, you should consider the unit cost of your rock scaling equipment through quality and features.

Precaution and safety steps for underground scaling jumbo operators and visitors

  1. Safety gloves and rubber boots should be available in every deep mine operation.
  2. Before going underground, speak with the area leaders to discuss any possible dangers, then let somebody else know where you’ll be working. Inspect the workspace for any current or potential risks and take the necessary steps to mitigate them. Keep in mind that the weather is continually changing.
  3. Before you start working, inspect all of the machines and machinery, including rock scaling Jumbos, for any flaws.
  4. Maintain the functionality of your tools and appliances in the scaling Jumbo.
  5. Ascertain that the necessary personal protection equipment is accessible and that use it properly.
  6. If radios or personal gas detectors are necessary, make sure they’re in good working order and that you know how to operate them properly.
  7. Where dust control is necessary, use atomizers or other dust control methods.
  8. Take daily breaks to stay out of uncomfortable body situations.
  9. Before starting any mission or running a piece of mobile equipment, make sure you have the required training and signoffs. Working at heights, controlling dangerous energy (lockout/tag out), and entering enclosed spaces are both high-risk tasks that could necessitate further instruction.

Look up and Live

  • The primary and most well-known cave mining danger is rock dropping from the cave’s above-ground floor. You can take some preventive measures to avoid this possibility.
  • Expertise: Hire people who have worked on rock-falling experiments before. The primary responsibility of these workers is to keep an eye on the tunnel for any loose rocks that might trigger an unfavorable scenario.
  • Put on a hat to keep your head safe: A protective hat will save you from any unwelcome dropping rocks with the help of a protective helmet. It also shields the head from any potentially dangerous situations in the cave. Rock scaling is a mechanism in which the scaling jumbo forces the loose rocks to fall.
  • Wear protective goggles. Deep mining creates dirt as a result of this operation and small rock fragments. Protective goggles can keep the eye safe in this case.

How to maintain a scaling Jumbo

You will get the longest time out of your vehicle if you make maintenance a top priority. Additionally, any time you drive your Underground scaling Jumbo, the scaling Jumbo will provide you with the best chance. Fucheng advises that you obey the simple maintenance instructions mentioned below.

• Inspect the sections of the machinery that come into contact with the ground at frequent intervals. Debris, such as loose dirt, trapped in difficult-to-reach areas, and cleaning it out allows the machinery to operate more effectively.

• Cleaning equipment daily helps maintenance personnel to have a better eye on the condition of different items. The appearance of big vehicles on building sites is often a result of this practice.

• In addition to daily greasing and oiling, rock scaling jumbo engines and motors usually need periodic maintenance. Following the manufacturer’s advice will help protect the equipment and extend its life in this setting.

• Servicing the rock scaling Jumbo regularly is necessary to keep the vehicle in good working order and preserve accurate records and checklists. Companies help ensure the usable existence of vehicles in fleets of heavy equipment by explaining the processes involved in maintaining each piece of machinery used for mining services and tracking checks and repairs.

• The electrical wiring on Jumbo should have a protective cover from the weather while rock climbing. It might be necessary to cover machinery with a secure protective tarp or hide the equipment under a covering To prevent undue wear and tear on electrical components.

• Keep an eye out for obvious signs of oil leaks during the daily rock scaling vehicle cleaning sessions. Owners of this expensive machinery will make necessary repairs much easier to obtain by paying attention to possibly leaky valves, which can help the machinery work.


Both tunnelling and deep mining activities include the use of an underwater rock scaling system. Deep mining employs a variety of rock scaling machines based on the scale and scope of the project.

A rock scaling machine’s general operating theory is to lift loose rocks by applying a thrust force to the tunnel or cave’s floor. The hydraulic and electrical devices validate the operation’s motions and approval.

You must be comfortable with correct repair practices in this scenario if you want the system to last as long as possible. You may also take specific precautionary measures to ensure a successful procedure. FuchengLHD will assist you with every issue you might have.