How to Select a Diamond Grinding Wheel for Concrete

A concrete diamond grinder is an indispensable tool for those in the home improvement and construction sectors.  It is important to know about the diamond grinding wheels and how to select one for concrete.  Here you can also know about how the diamond wheels are constructed, and the types of diamond grinding wheels. This will help you to select the right diamond grinding wheel for a particular work and complete it the way you want.

If you are a person in the construction industry or a Do- it- yourself homeowner who wants to work with different materials like granite, concrete, marble, and field or hard stones then you should have a good concrete grinding machine.  You have to know more about the diamond grinding wheels that are available in the market so that you are able to fit the right one to your grinding machine and complete the work in an efficient manner.

What is a diamond grinding wheel? 

The diamond grinding wheel is otherwise called as an alloy grinding wheel. This is made by bonding a fine mixture of diamond abrasive mixed with resin powder, metal powder, electroplated metal and ceramic as binding materials. The diamond grinding wheel is made in a circular shape with a hole in the center so that it can be conveniently fixed into any grinding or cutting machine.

These diamond cutting and grinding wheels are made in a special way than other ordinary abrasive cutting wheels.  These wheels have different layers of working surface that are used for different types of works. The layers of a diamond cutting machine include the diamond abrasive layer, a matrix layer, and a transition layer.

In this wheel, the working layer is the diamond layer and is made of the diamond particle abrasive material fixed firmly to the base metal wheel with a tough binder and filler. The transition layer does not contain any diamond particles but is made of the binder, metal powder and the filler materials to add strength to the diamond grinding wheel.  

The transition layer connects the diamond abrasive layer to the matrix that is fixed to the spindle of your grinder machine with the help of the flange plate. Generally, steel or alloy steel powder is used as the matrix of the grinding wheel with aluminum alloy. Bakelite is also used as the resin bond agent. The grinding wheel quality, its workability and the precision of the grinding depend on the matrix material and construction.

Advantages of the Diamond Grinding wheel

The Diamond grinding wheel is constructed to tackle heavy and hard cutting and grinding jobs with ultra-hard abrasive diamond particles. This offers many advantages when compared to other ordinary cutting and grinding wheels like

·         Very high efficiency in the cutting and grinding works even when working on very hard materials

·         Offers very long service life

·         Has very high abrasion resistance, high production efficiency and hence ideal for efficiency in cutting and precision machining works

·         Due to its good cutting performance it works with less grinding power saving working costs and energy

·         Offers the best in class thermal conductivity and easy conducive heat evacuation on the working surface

Application of Diamond Grinding Wheel

The diamond grinding wheel has become the most ideal tool for grinding and cutting of hard as well as brittle materials like ceramics, stones, cemented carbide, glass, gemstones etc. In the construction and home improvement sector these wheels are used on concrete grinding machines as concrete grinding wheels.

 Due to the high holding strength, little abrasion, and very long service life, it is the most ideal grinding and cutting wheel to work in concrete surfaces with the high speed and high-efficiency modern-day concrete grinding machines.  May types of diamond cup wheels are available in the market to tackle any type of special concrete cutting and grinding works.

Types of Diamond grinding wheels

There are many types of diamond grinding wheels to suit every work environment and work category or the material on which it has to be worked;. These wheels can be divided as per the

§   Type of construction

§   Production process used to make it

§   Grinding method for which it is constructed

§   Appearance and shape of the wheel 

The types of diamond grinding wheels depending on the type of construction are the

o   Resin bonded grinding wheels

o   Ceramic bonded grinding wheels

o   Metal bonded diamond grinding wheels 

According to the production process involved in their manufacturing

·         Sintered diamond grinding wheel

·         Ceramic bonded diamond grinding wheels

·         Metal bonded grinding wheels

·         Electroplated grinding wheels

·         Brazing diamond grinding wheel etc

The types of diamond grinding wheels according to the grinding method include

o    Diamond grinding wheel for diamond

o    Grinding wheel for carbide grinding

o    Grinding wheel for the diamond composite sheet

o    Center less grinding wheel for coreless grinder

o    Diamond grinding wheel for ceramic products

o    Diamond saw blade

The types of diamond grinding wheels as per the appearance are the

§    Parallel grinding wheel

§    cylindrical grinding wheel

§   Diamond cup wheel

§   Diamond Bowl wheel

§   Edge grinding wheel etc

Role of diamond grinding wheels in the Construction Industry

Though the diamond grinding and cutting wheels are useful in all the industries they are finding an important role in the construction and home improvement sectors. They can be used for all types of cutting and grinding of tough materials like cutting concrete, marble, granite, field stones, and hard stones

The availability of so many types of wheels for concrete grinding machines and the floor grinding machines itself make the selection of the one for your purpose a tough task.  Unless you pay attention to some of the basic details you may end up in selecting the wrong concrete diamond grinder wheel and disappointed with the results of your working.

How to select the right concrete grinding wheel

The diamond wheel you select for your work depends on:

Type of work you want to accomplish:

If you want to cut concrete structures then you have to go for the concrete grinding wheel and you can find many types of diamond cutting tools in the shape bowls, concrete diamond wheel, or grinding cups etc.

The material you want to work on:

For best results always select the right grinding wheel depending on the hardness of the material you want to work on. You must bear in mind that you have to select the diamond grinding wheel of the opposite texture to the type of surface you intend to use it on. When you want to work on hard concrete surface use soft diamond polishing wheels and for working on the soft surfaces you go for the hard wheels.

For doing coarse concrete grinding works select the grinding wheel that has high diamond hardness and soft diamond bond like the ones that have 35 to 50 diamond grits. For fine concrete grinding works select the wheels that have hard bonded diamonds for good precision in your work. You can go for the 80 to 120 diamond grits which ensures that you have the highest concentration of diamonds on the wheel.

The purpose of grinding required:

You have to select the diamond grinding wheels or plates or cups depending on the purpose for which you are buying them.  If you are using the diamond grinding wheel for improving the surface of the concrete you have to buy the ones that are manufactured specially for this purpose. On the other hand, if you want to work on the floor of your house to improve its look and rideability use the special flooring grinding machine wheel that is available especially for this purpose.

From the year 1940, when the diamond grinding wheels were first used on concrete surfaces these wheels are being used for various applications like grinding concrete pavements, floors and other structures made of concrete. To tackle each of these jobs now we have diamond grinding wheels and diamond cup wheels of different sizes, shapes, and toughness.  Pay close attention to the product specifications of the manufacturer while buying them.

 If you need professional guidance while selecting the right concrete grinding wheel do not hesitate to go for it as the entire result of the work is going to depend only on the concrete grinding machine wheel  you are going to use.

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