industrial boroscopes
Industrial Borescopes

When searching for an industrial borescope, you may discover quite a few endoscopes mentioned and wonder whether you might use one of them instead. What is the difference between these two highly similar-looking tools? This article will show the prominent industrial boroscopes manufacturers in the USA.

Before that, study industrial boroscopes and endoscope definition. Borescopes are a tool that many professions utilize. They’re flexible and cheap. With a borescope, you can see well into places that you might typically never reach, and that may be too dark to see if you could. As a consequence, you’ll see them being utilized by technicians, plumbers, and more.

The medical profession uses endoscopes exclusively. They’re a precise and costly tool that’s suitable for usage inside of the body. While borescopes allow you to look into equipment, endoscopes do the same inside of the body. So they are precise instruments with sky-high price tags.

Acoustical Surfaces

This organization is a producer & distributor of bespoke soundproofing, noise control, vibration & acoustic control materials & solutions. However, the business address is Chaska, MN 55318.

Their Products are popular in industrial applications, clinics, filmmakers, gyms, meeting rooms, cafes, chow halls, auditoriums, stadia, industrial uses, educational applications, places of worship, OEM & home theatres.

Acoustical borescope specs include 8.5 x 6.5 x 1.9 in. size, 425 g mass, 320 x 240 pixels clarity, and up to 32.8 ft. clear field coverage area.

Their machine features a diagonal TFT-LCD colour display, multiple-sized changeable probes, and built-in magnets. It bases on a hands-free operation. However, this industrial borescope is suitable for automotive, plumbing, construction, and repair. In addition, they are also ideal for visual inspection and HVAC applications. Other items provided include acoustical quilted curtains, silent doors and windows, flooring factors such as organizational, echo eliminators, and bridge decks.


This business is a producer of thermometers, thermal scanners, scanners, calibration sources, gas analyzers, detectors, and combustion efficiency monitors. The address of AMETEK Land is in Pittsburgh, PA, 15238.

However, the company offers industrial borescope in a 1,112 to 3,632 degrees F measurement range, 0.78 to 3.9-micrometer reflectance spectra, 12 to 36 in. probe length, and 2.4 to 3.5 in. probe dia. The product features include excellent resolution, protection against overheating, broad viewing angle, and precise temperature profiling.

Standard and optional equipment like power supply, cables, software, close-up lenses, water-cooled or purged mounting, and tubing are also available. This business also services the power generating, steel, aluminium, glass, minerals, and oil and gas processing sectors. Some borescopes are CE approved and CSA approved.

Inspection Technologies

This firm is a supplier of non-destructive (NDT) machines and equipment. Products include acoustic, magnet particle, permanent magnets, open containers, radiographic, hardness testing, and remote visual methods and equipment.

This business services the aerospace, metal and castings, oil and gas, power generating, government infrastructure and public safety, and transportation sectors.

Some kinds are rigid, foldable, and video borescopes. It also provides hardness testing, phased array, ultrasonic, hardness testing, liquid penetrant, and radiography testing systems and equipment. Suitable for metal machining, EDM, casting, guns bore, fuel lines, hydraulics and pneumatics, weld inspection, and engine repair and maintenance.

Accusize Industrial Tools

Accusize is a distributor of industrial equipment for the metalworking industry, including measurement devices, machine tool components, and industrial cutting tools.

However, these rpoducts include bore-strain gauges, height gages, calliper brakes, indicators, micrometres, accuracy levels, drill tosses, lathe tooling, milling machine tooling, cutter grinders, drill chucks, grinding vices, diamond needle file points, carbide inserts, drill bits, end mills, reamers, taps, collet sets, durometers, force gauges, and hardness testers.

Distributor of high-resolution fibre-optic rigid borescopes with built-in lighting. For holes as tiny as 160″.

Metro Hydraulic

This business is a supplier of machine tools and equipment. Various items offered include cylinders, pumps, valves, jacks, pullers, wrenches, elevators, gauges, trucks, conveyors, and cranes. The address is Newark, NJ 07104

This company offers Hydraulic, pivot, high pressure, hose, flat type, Monel®, lubrication, metric, and British maximum segment parallel and taper thread fittings.

In this case, Bolting, torque, threaded rod, crimping, cutting, turning, strip, hammerhead, installation, positioning, holding, locking, alignment, combination, and streamlining compression tools are offered.

However, supplier of rechargeable batteries UV borescopes with non-fluorescent lights. Available in 1/4 in. cable sizes. Use to examine inner components.

USA Borescopes

This company is a distributor and producer of industrial boroscopes and inspection boroscopes. Their headquarter’s address is in Clarksville, TN 37043.

Products include 3.5 mm to 8mm, portable and quasi videoscopes. In addition, it also has flexible fiberscopes and rigid, non-conductive, UV, and micro borescopes. Available in a range of features and specs.

Equipment such as halogen light bulbs, travel cases, insertion tube holders, and guiding tubes are available. It also provides repair and rental services. In addition, Industries serviced include aviation and aerospace, power generating, manufacturing and casting, and pipe inspection.

Varieties of industrial boroscopes include transportable and non-articulating videoscopes; flexible debt sustainability; and rigid, non-conductive, UV, and micro borescopes. Specifications vary based upon models, including 2.7 mm to 10 mm diameter, 500 mm to 15000 mm operating length, and 5 mm to 200 mm depth of observation.

Available with different articulation and deflection kinds and features such as incorporated display and LED light source. Ideal for turbine, generator, engine, pipe, duct, and sewage inspection applications. It also provides borescope rental and maintenance services.

Lab Pro Inc.

Labh Pro is a distributor of PPE clothing, chemicals, wipes, hand tools, gloves, swabs, applicators, microscopes, lightings, lab equipment, pipettes, furnaces, ovens, ESD, and static control items. The HQ address in Sunnyvale, CA 94089.

Lab pro provides anaerobic compartments, furnaces, steam sterilizers, stabilizers, scales, foam baths, combiners, blenders, wiping systems, fume hoods, ventilated enclosures, and other laboratory equipment.

PPE items include aprons, coveralls, throwaway jackets, skirts, gowns, masks, reusable clothing, sleeves, and shoe coverings. In addition, this company also provides cleaning equipment such as hand soaps, dispensers, cleansers, sanitizers, brushes, and wipes.

The company offers Flux cleanser, metal, aerosol, water or solvent-based, printed circuit board (PCB), contact, glassware, stainless steel, chrome, enamel, tiles, ceramic, ultrasonic, precision, and maintenance.

However, available in 0 to 30 degrees field view angles. This business services the aerospace, agricultural, medical device or cleanroom manufacturing, telecommunications, military, electronics, janitorial, pharmaceutical, and oil extraction sectors.

SC Fastening Systems

SC fastening is a supplier of fasteners, abrasives, cutting tools, hydraulic/pneumatic fitting, adhesives, lubricants, electrical, material handling, janitorial and outdoor goods. They also provide secondary services such as kitting, packing, sourcing and supply chain management solutions. The headquarter address is in Macedonia, OH 44056.

They are the supplier of battery-operated, portable, fibre optic, and video borescopes. However, additional items include OEM hardware and industrial supplies.

PCE Americas, Inc.

PCE Americans are the producer of test devices, power systems, and weigh and laboratory equipment. Measuring devices include pH meter, analyzers, benchtop scales, thickness gauge, and refractometers. Their address is at Jupiter, FL 33458

They also provide weighing balances, scales, air samplers, colour matching cabinets, magnetometers and others. In addition, they offer Calibration supplementary services.

However, It serves the water and wastewater treatment, petroleum, gas, steel manufacturing, beverage, transport, and maritime sectors.

Finally, these products are suitable for mechanical engineering, sanitary and heating construction applications. Serves the water and wastewater treatment, petroleum, gas, steel manufacturing, beverage, transport, and maritime sectors

GeoTec, Inc.

ISO 13485:2003 accredited contract producer of industrial boroscopes. Their address is in Warwick, RI 02888.

However, abilities involve instrument design, development, documentary evidence, manufacturing & prototyping, lens testing, equipment identity, contamination prevention & control, component specifications, documentary evidence & sourcing, assembly, medical imaging, house brand packaging, pouch & tray sealing, shrink wrapping & cold temperatures, ethylene oxide & gamma sterilization.

Cannulas, stylets, trocars, cautery & retrieval devices, specialized needles, flexible & rigid endoscopes, video microscopes, optical equipment, light delivery systems, tube sets & elastomeric balloons are also available. FDA 21CFR820 & GMP approved.