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CNC machine is one of the most common production equipment. However, we frequently require CNC machine replacement parts when working with these machines. This article will help you to discover the most popular CNC machining tool manufacturers in the USA.


Fictiv is a Digital Manufacturing Platform that quickly provides bespoke components on-demand to assist businesses to speed new product launches. From early-stage startups to big organizations, thousands of companies utilize Fictiv to develop agility, de-risk existing supply chains and bring products to market quicker.

Fictiv specializes in Robotics, Consumer goods, Medical, Automobile, and Aerospace sectors. However, the company’s main competencies include 3D printing, CNC machining, Moulding, and Urethane Casting. The business address is 168 Welsh Street, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA.

Astro machine works

Astro Machine Works was established in 1984 in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, with a simple vision: to fulfill the custom equipment and precision components requirements of the area’s leading regional and national businesses. Even though their early lean years, they attempted to concentrate on a company that fit within their vision and were picky regarding who they worked with and the sort of work they did.

However, Their offerings cover different CNC machining equipment and tools services. Besides, they also offer manufacturing and additive manufacturing. The business address is 470 Wenger Drive, Ephrata, PA 17522.

Eagle Stainless Tube & Fabrication, Inc.

This business is the only supplier of stainless steel tubing and other metals. Their goods include hypodermic, fractional, metric, and pipe tubing in stainless steel and other alloys. However, their business address is at Franklin, MA 02038-2555.

This business also provides custom-shaped tubes and components with different capabilities, including CNC machining, bending and coiling, re-drawing, and end shaping. They serve the clinical, aerospace, and high-tech industrial sectors.

Ardel engineering

This business specializes in the medical & aerospace sectors for CNC machining components. They also manufacture CNC machining components for the commercial, security, telecommunication & power generating sectors. Their address is at Minneapolis, MN 55428-3622.

The equipment comprises CNC mills, vertical machining centers with 4th axis capacity, Swiss screw machines with 12 axis machining, CNC Lathe with eight axes, highly precise CNC turning, wire EDM devices with fine wire EDM & production wire EDM capabilities.

Cox Manufacturing Company

This business is a prominent Texas screw machine company that manufactures secret goods, and precision turned and milled bar products are unique to cox production. Cox Manufacturing company’s location is 5500 N Loop 1604 E, San Antonio, TX 78247, United States.

This business specializes in aerospace, aviation machining, automotive, electronics, electronics, medical, defense, military, and weapon machining. Besides, this business has also maintained its renowned in various areas of different manufacturing industries.

EVS metal

As a prominent American metal fabricator, EVS’s goal for more than 20 years to manufacture metal products at affordable costs. This company provides whether prototypes or entire production runs in conjunction with industry-leading quality and customer service.

Address: 1 Kenner Ct, Riverdale, NJ 07457, United States

Their skills include laser cutting, precise CNC machining and automated robotic welding, and big sheet metal fabrications, laser tube cutting, and manufactured metal enclosures, including those for electrical components and medical equipment.

Millennium Precision

Millennium Quality is a contract producer of precision Swiss-style machined components. Their production method transforms a bar or blank of material into high-quality and durable goods that span numerous markets.

Address: 234 Abby Road, Manchester, NH 03103.

Their services include Engineering Support, prototype, production and stocking CNC machining components and equipment. Besides, MP specializes in aerospace, commercial, military, electronics, guns, law enforcement, medical and optical CNC machining.

Bassett Industries, Inc.

Bassett offers tube bending, tube, sheet and five-axis laser cutting, automation and manual tig and MIG welding, CNC machining components, CNC plate and sheet shaping, other services.

Address: 2119 Sanatoga Station Road, Pottstown, PA 19464

Bassett is the Quality and Service leader to our local, regional, national and worldwide clients. Their corporate strategy of sustainability, constant development, investment in new technology, training and long-term dedication to our workers and customers guarantee our future.

CNC Manufacturing

Since 1997, CNC Manufacturing has been a real cornerstone of American manufacturing. In this case, continually expanding and improving their manufacturing capabilities and processes, they confidence themselves in professionalism in client satisfaction, quality products, state-of-the-art machinery, and a focus on the latest and emerging manufacturing techniques to meet the industry’s ever-increasing demands.

Address: 131 Birch Street, Coatesville, PA 19320 USA

Today, this business provides the greatest flexibility, high quality, and dependable machining services. Exotic materials and close-tolerance components are effectively produced and supplied quickly in big and small manufacturing quantities.

E.R. Machining

E.R. Machining is a local quality CNC machine business to depend on. They provide dependable CNC machining services, either CNC turning services or CNC milling services, to meet all the CNC machining requirements. Besides, their focused sectors include aerospace and oil & gas machine shops.

Address: 2909 Paul Quinn St Houston, TX 77091

ER machining offers services that include CNC milling, CNC turning and precision machining services. In addition, its skills include custom machining, metal fabrication, reverse engineering FEA capabilities, Scale Model Prototyping and 3D printing.

Roberson Machine Company

Roberson Machine Company is a producer of quality CNC machined components with excellent customer service and perfect accuracy that is reasonably priced. Over the years, the quality of their creativity and customer care has increased and created the technology.

Address: 4416 Glaser Hollow Rd. Bland, MO 65014

However, Roberson offers CNC milling, CNC turning, wire EDM, Value Added, Stainless steel machining, five-axis machining, prototype, aluminum CNC machining, multi-axis machining and precision CNC machining services.

CNC Industrie

CNC Industries is an award-winning, world-class AS 9100D / ISO 9001:2015 certified contract workshop. Specializing in high-speed CNC machining, fabrication, assembly, and testing of high-precision, high-complexity components provide a wide variety of manufacturing services to aviation, aerospace, military, medical, automotive, transportation, and electronic OEMs in North America, Europe and Asia.

Address: 3810 Fourier Drive

Using proven Lean Manufacturing concepts and pursuing continuous improvement every day, they are dedicated to delivering outstanding Value and Outstanding Service to their clients. Whether you need one component or ten thousand parts, they deliver on time, every time.

LIGI Tool & Engineering

This business is AS9100 D, & ISO 9001-2015 Certified and ITAR Registered. It is also Sub safe, and Space qualified. CNC & Wire EDM is their main machining service. They also offer 2D, 3D and 5-axis CNC machining, CNC milling and turning, CNC Wire EDM services, CNC lathe work, welding, sewing, cutting, and surface grinding services.

Address: Deerfield Beach, FL 33442

However, their manufacturing goods include standard and bespoke aluminum vise jaws, alum rear jaws, segmentable alum front jaws, straight rectangular CNC soft jaws, L-shaped soft jaws, CNC tool holder caddies, collet caddies, collet holders and tool holders.

Wyandotte Industries

This business is a bespoke maker of nuts and locknuts. Various items include bushings, collars, connections, pins, shafts, spacers and valves. However, Alloy steel, aluminum, brass, bronze alloys, carbon steel, copper and stainless steel components utilized.

Address: Wyandotte, MI 48192

In addition, Their skills include screw machining services, including boring, deburring, drilling, grinding, knurling, CNC milling, polishing, reaming, and CNC turning. Aerospace, agricultural, construction, automotive, electronic, electrical, medical, military and other sectors serviced.

United CNC Machining

United CNC Machining combines the newest machining technology with highly experienced machinists, quick customer service and creative innovation to fulfill even the most demanding needs.

Address: 1597 Atlantic Blvd., Auburn Hills MI 48326

Understanding today’s tight delivery needs, they have supercharged their facilities with more than 30 CNC centers to start your projects quickly and beat their competitors to your receiving dock with machined components that surpass your standards.

Gulf Coast Repair and Machine Shop Inc.

This business is one of the famous CNC machining parts manufacturers in the united states. In addition, this business offers repair and machining services.

Address: Corpus Christi, TX 78409

CNC and mechanical precision machining services include milling, turning, drilling, welding, and cutting. Materials dealt with include steel, aluminum, bronze, brass, plastic, and composite. They also Offer big batch manufacturing runs. In this case, they are also a bespoke producer of machined components and parts.

RC-CNC Machine LLC

RC-CNC machine is dedicated to delivering the best quality goods to its clients. They offer a wide variety of machining skills from manual to CNC, enabling them to handle small quantity work and large manufacturing projects.

Address: 3627 Scott Futrell Drive, Charlotte, NC 28028

However, their capabilities include 3D CAD Modeling, Reverse Engineering, Prototype, Fabrication, Precision machining, Machine tools, and Inspection. Besides, they also service every industry from automotive and industrial equipment, medical, and everything in between.


Accu-Tool is an AS9100D, ISO 9001:2015 certified precision CNC machine company specializing in prototypes and low to mid-volume manufacturing for OEMs.

Address: 2490 Reliance Ave Apex NC 27539 (near Raleigh) (near Raleigh)

However, their skills include 4th-axis CNC milling and turning, Wire and EDM, MIG welding, bead blasting and grinding. Besides, they also TIG weld and offer Helium leak testing for high-vacuum needs. Inspection equipment includes Zeiss CMM for complete component inspection and documentation, as well as reverse engineering.

Teton Machining Solution

This business has been offering top-quality machined goods and world-class service since 1952. They don’t simply manufacture bespoke components and sub-assemblies. However, they also establish connections with the consumers.

Address: 1835 NE 10th Avenue, Payette, ID 833661

Teton Machining features include CNC turning, swiss processing, CNC milling, Horizontal milling center, finishing and equipment and services list. Their machines are the perfect partner when a thorough, documented procedure, high accuracy, and world-class counts.

F.M. Machining Co.

F.M. Machine specializes in precision machining, prototype and custom machine construction, fabrication, and full assemblies.

Address: Akron, OH 44306

they have invested in the latest computer and machine technology to offer competitively manufactured specific components. However, their sales staff, engineers, quality control, and production people here at F.M. Machine try to retain the best-personalized service and on-time delivery with a dedication to quality.


The following list indicates the most popular CNC machining parts manufacturers in the united states. All these businesses are the most popular manufacturing industry in the nation.

However, We have gone through a lot of research and helpful information to import this list. We hope this information will help you study more about CNC machining component manufacturers.