The cost of PCB & PCBA manufacturing in China is much lower than in other countries across the world. For example, it is only half of some western countries, like the USA, Canada, and Mexico. China PCB suppliers employ many professional and experienced PCB engineers to serve their customers. They will offer valuable advice on PCB designing and manufacturing at affordable prices with high quality to you.

The information below details some of the key capabilities that China PCB Manufacturers can offer and support today. You will find information here relating to the specific PCB manufacturing service they can support, the PCB technologies or product types that they currently produce, as well as some of the tolerances which we can achieve.

Some of these China PCB manufacturers major in “Quick-turn” PCB manufacturing which means they can offer Small Quantity PCBs, Custom Spec – Standard PCBs.

Some China PCB & PCBA manufacturers offer large-scale PCB production, full spec PCBs, highly specialized precision PCBs.


Customer service should be efficient: You can reach our customer service team 24 hours a day via telephone, LiveChat, or e-mail. Each customer support representative is highly trained. They can provide you with effective support and help. A small percentage of data packs we receive contains elements or features that need clarification. Delivery and cost will be negatively affected if the engineering questions are not answered quickly. Our technicians will work with you to resolve any ambiguities in your specification. This method of working is faster and more efficient. It also reduces the time it takes to produce.

Get delivery faster: Your PCBs will be delivered straight from our factories to you. JLCPCB’s factory can be reached from any international airport within 2 hours. JLCPCB has developed strategic partnerships with top logistics companies such as FedEx and DHL, so parcels from JLCPCB are given priority to book flights first. Most packages can be shipped within 24 hours. JLCPCB established a European logistics center in 2022 to help European customers with their customs issues and offer cheaper shipping.

Realize Easier Ordering: JLCPCB makes it easy to order PCBs. It is easy to order PCBs at JLCPCB online. You can upload files and order boards in just a few seconds on our self-service platform. You can track and be informed about every step of your order on JLCPCB, which is transparent in all aspects.

Shorten Turnaround Time: Because of our smart technology and fully automated equipment, we can produce prototype PCBs in as little as 24 hours. Our intelligent platform automatically gathers and analyzes data from sensors and monitoring devices. This allows us to take corrective actions to improve efficiency. We also make use of the factory’s available capacity to match your orders with the best-suited factory in the shortest turnaround times.

  • Only $2 for 100×100mm 2 layers PCBs
  • $56/㎡ for 2 layers Batch PCB Production
  • FR4, Aluminum, Lead-Free PCB
  • 4 layers – $2 for 50×50mm PCBs
  • 4 layers – $91/㎡ for Batch production
  • 6 layers – $79 for 50×50mm PCBs


PCBasic is a china PCB supplier for high reliability, multi-layer printed circuit boards, and top-level assemblies (PCBA). We are recognized as the spokesperson of “PCB assembly China.” As one of the outstanding Chinese PCB manufacturers, We proudly provide PCB made in china, especially the acclaimed china rigid-flex PCB. All the while ensuring the most challenging and complex pcb online china service. Since 2005, Our china PCB factory has delivered a series of fabrication solutions that meet the highest industry standards. Advanced technology and professional team enable us to beat other competitors in china PCB fabrication. We focus on providing china PCB prototypes for increasingly demanding industries and sectors, including national defense, aerospace, smart home, instrumentation, in-vehicle IoT, communication power supply, medical equipment, automotive electronics, etc.


UETPCB is a PCB online China assembly and manufacturing manufacturer. We specialize in providing a full range of high-quality PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly, and component sourcing services to companies of all sizes. As we all know, UETPCB is one of the professional PCB manufacturers in China. China PCB assembly technology is world-renowned. Uetpcb produces China rigid-flex PCB, which is very suitable for aerospace, military, medical devices, and commercial products. These china rigid-flex PCBs are easy to test and are ideal for PCB prototyping. Uetpcb is one of the leading Chinese PCB manufacturers and has its PCB factory in China. From board design and manufacturing to PCB and case manufacturing. From simple single or double-sided boards to highly complex multi-material boards. No matter what you need, as the best china PCB supplier, we will meet your requirements. If you are looking for a reliable China PCB supplier, then the search is over. As one of the world’s most popular china PCB fabrication, UETPCB is the place to go for all your PCB manufacturing needs. We can cover everything from rapid PCB prototyping to total production, parts kits to complete turnkey assemblies, and PCB design instructions to PCB material recommendations.


UETPCBA is a modern china PCB factory. Like the PCB business, our PCBA service also focuses on prototyping and small batch production, making UETPCBA a one-stop destination for board manufacturing and assembly. We are a professional PCB online in china. This arrangement makes your research and development work easy and time-saving. Your challenge is to find high-quality, competitively priced printed circuit boards and interconnect solutions for your final product. As a China PCB manufacturer, our professional engineers and technicians will work closely with you through our customer service staff to ensure the best quality and fastest delivery time. With a broad understanding of industry requirements and specifications, the UETPCBA team will also assist in design and engineering specifications to improve feasibility and manufacturability, and help identify opportunities for cost reduction. We at PCBA china complete thousands of orders from all over the world every day. With consistent quality and excellent service, we have established our position as a leading supplier of PCB and PCBA services. In the future, we hope to be the best Chinese PCB manufacturer. PCBA capabilities: china rigid-flex PCB, china PCB prototype, PCBA China, PCB assembly china, china PCB fabrication.


PCBWay is a professional low-volume PCB production, quick-turn PCB prototyping, and PCB Assembly manufacturer located in Shenzhen China.

ALLPCB – Cheapest China PCB manufacturer

ALLPCB is a professional China PCB manufacturer that provides PCBs at a cheap price. Their quality is certified by international institutions.

ALLPCB has established a reliable relationship with plenty of experienced China PCB manufacturers, which provides various options of PCB & PCBA services. Thus, customers can place their orders at the cheapest price.

They develop an ERP system to show the whole purchasing process to PCB customers. With this online PCB ERP system, there is no hidden cost for PCB manufacturing.