It’s important to find the ideal LED street light manufacturer and quality street lights. We have compiled a list of the top led street light companies around the world .

Factor LED

Company Profile

Factor’s street lighting LED lighting is highly energy-efficient. It is elegant and robust in design. The LED street light’s high-quality materials and finishes and its maximum durability are its greatest strengths. The LED street light manufacturer maximizes all the advantages of LED technology. It helps customers to save energy consumption and maintenance costs to the maximum extent possible, without sacrificing in any way the quality and brightness of light that is perfectly suited to urban sites. FactorLED has very strong LED street lighting fixtures and intellectual property protection, which makes them the ideal product for all kinds of outdoor areas at a high level.

Company Location: Micro Sine Electric, SL

LED Light Expert

Company Profile

Solar Electric Power Co. SEPCO, based in San Diego, California, is a lighting specialist in LED streetlight manufacturers. It is the most popular LED street light manufacturer in the United States. It can make your home with the best quality LED bulbs, LED wall sconces, solar power street lights, and more. They will assemble LED street lights at the best prices and with the highest quality parts.

Company Location: San Diego, California

Solar Power

Company Profile

Solar Power was founded in Dallas, TX, in 1944 and is a leader in the development of many new technologies for LED street light manufacturers. Its products can characterize by high quality and high-performance led street lights. At the same time, the reliability and long life of the led street lights produced by Solar Power LED street light manufacturers have been proven in thousands of existing projects around the world. In 1992, its founder received the first patent for solar street light and solar bus stop lighting system.

Company Location: Dallas, TX


Company Location: McKinney, TX and China

Ultravision LED Solutions

Company Profile

Ultravision LED Solutions can provide high quality LED lighting solutions and products.LED street light manufacturers can produce energy-efficient outdoor LED lighting in large quantities, and all of their products are manufactured locally in the United States. Their U.S.-based assembly and direct sales facilities and complete solutions can cut out the middleman and deliver higher quality products at a fraction of the cost.

Company Location: Stuart, FL

Optilumen Pvt.

Company Profile

Optilumen Pvt. has been established for a short period of time and is a new company among LED street light manufacturers. But this LED street light manufacturer stands out for its low cost and high efficiency.

Company Location

Fort Wayne, IN

Brandon Industries, Inc.

Company Profile

Brandon Industries, Inc. is a leading national streetscape provider and has been for over 30 years. They are located in McKinney, Texas, and for over 32 years, Quality Streetscape Solutions has had a wide variety of LED street lights. This includes street lights, street signs, site furniture, square cluster units, and more.

Company Location: Las Vegas, NV


Company Profile

HeiSolar is a leading manufacturer of commercial solar LED street lights to meet your outdoor lighting needs in a variety of applications. With the rapid advancements in LED technology, they continue to offer the newest and most innovative products on the market. You can find the right model at this LED streetlight manufacturer.

Company Location: Erie, Shenzhen,China

GE Lighting

Company Profile

Company Location: Alaska, USA

Led source

Company Profile

LED Light Source, Inc. was founded in 2005. It is the world’s first operator of licensed LED streetlights for LED lighting products. Led street company is a dynamic and innovative LED street light manufacturer and offers a full range of advanced LED lighting solutions to their customers. They are helping customers save a lot of energy and reduce operating costs. They also provide high quality after sales service to their customers.

Company Location: Traverse City, MI


Company Profile

Dialight is a US based manufacturer of led street lights. He has passed the U.S. National Trustworthy Warranty Program. Moreover, they have developed LED lighting tech for industrial applications. Dialight has become a global leader in improving lighting sustainability, safety, and efficiency for its customers.

Company Location: Shreveport, LA


Company Location: Milford, DE