T Shirt Printing Machine Types

Screen Printing Machine

Screen t-shirts printing is one of the most popular methods for printing onto t-shirts.


  • screen printing can produce durable and long-lasting results.
  • most cost-effective when printing in bulk.


  • Screen printing will poses issues when printing complex designs with more than five colors because each color increases production time and costs.

Direct to Garment Printing Machine

“Direct to Garment” is a process by which images are printed directly onto clothing using cutting edge printing technology. DTG printing machine allows us to print detailed full color designs to t-shirts at an affordable price. With a high quality DTG printing machine, you can get well printed t-shirts with outstanding accuracy, exceptional consistency, phenomenal print output, and affordable rates.

Heat Press Machine

T Shirt Printing Machine Manufacturers

Lawson Screen & Digital Products, Inc

Lawson build prepress equipment, textile and graphics presses, and textile and graphics dryers that fit well in any size shop. To meet the required volume demands of every printer, they provide complete range of presses from manual to fully automatic. With a Super Center in Atlanta, Georgia and sales offices in Birmingham, Alabama and Boston, Mass, they can deliver printing equipment and tools efficiently and economically throughout the U.S.

Workhorse Screen Printing Equipmet

Workhorse Products with its line of Precision Screen Printing Equipment has been a dominant player in the textile screen printing industry for decades. Workhorse Products has taken the leading role in the evolution of screen printing equipment. Their operating system has carved the path of complete hardware & software integration and communication. From the web-based portal, printing machine owners can see an overview of each machine and vital daily statistics for each machine, from anywhere in the world. Then, by clicking on a machine icon, the current printing job and pending jobs including artwork and job setup information can be displayed.

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