What is Shot Blasting Machine

Shotblasting is a method used to clean, peen (strengthen) or polish metal and other matierials. Shot blasting machine is used in almost every industry that uses metal, such as automotive, aerospace, construction,shipbuilding, foundry, rail, and many others.

Typical Applications: surface cleaning, corrosion removal, etching, deburring and deflashing, mould and die cleaning, Paint stripping, Rust and heat scale removal, Peening,Surface texturing (e.g. frosting glass), Surface preparation (e.g. polishing machining marks from aluminium gun parts).

There are two shotblasting technologies used: wheelblasting or airblasting.

Shot Blasting Machine Types

Roller Conveyor Blast Machines

Roller conveyor shot blasting machine are widely used in the steel manufacturing and processing industry.
can be from small simple machines to heavy duty machines and complete preservation lines. In general, Their working speeds are from 0.5 m/min for a small roller conveyor machine to 20m/min for a heavy skew roll machine.

  • The treatment of plates and profiles.
  • Cleaning, Corrosion Removal, Paint Stripping, Rust and Heat Scale Removal.
  • Paint Stripping, Preparation for Painting, Bonding and Plating
  •  Surface Texturing

Tumble Belt Shot Blasting Machine

Hanger Type wheelblast machine

Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers in China


Q’G’M’A Group is a well known manufacturer of shot blasting machines in China, they offers a complete range of shot blasting machinery which is tailor-made for clients’ requests for more than 40 years. Q’G’M’A Group have their own R&D, engineering, production and after-sales departments. their problem solving techniques for customers is unique in the industry.

Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers in Italy

Turbotecnica Engineering

In the business for over 35 years, Turbotecnica has evolved and grown so that they now excel in the design and manufacturing of both standard shot blast machines and special custom-madeshot blasting systems. To reach this goal, they have invested in human assets and facilities, producing a site measuring over 6000 sq. metres to house their operations, including design and manufacturing, mechanical assembly, electrical and electronic system design and production, and machine painting and testing.

All systems are inspected and tested prior to delivery in our workshops to ensure fast installation on site and deliver a reliable product on time every time. At Turbotecnica, after-sales support is also a top priority so that you can get all the help with your newly delivered and tested system.

Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers in India

Surface International

Surface International is one of the leading company in surface preparation technology of India ince 2006, offering a complete range of air blast machine, air peening machines, wheel blasting machines, and wheel peening machines. Surface International has committed itself to differentiating its offer through thought-leadership in blasting system design and manufacturing. So they cann offer a comprehensive range of surface preparation technologies, parts and services and are always ready to improve your productivity and profitability.

Leading companies in the foundry, construction, aerospace, energy, automotive, marine, rail and many other industries have used their products and services.Their technical experts work closely with customers to design specific systems to meet their operating needs. About wo‐thirds of their equipment are custom engineered to the precise specifications of the customer.

Shot Blasting Machine Suppliers in Australia


For 95 years and three generations, W Granowski has been one of Australia’s foremost expert in surface preparation technologies, supplying shot blast equipment, shot blasting consumables, and degreasing equipment to suit a wide range of industrial applications. 

Their specialty is custom built shot blast equipment. They can adapt or remodel a standard machine, such as a wet blast cabinet with a custom designed loading mechanism. Or design and manufacture for special purpose – such as to blast carbon fibre.


ABSS (Abrasive Blasting Service and Supplies ) are an Australian Manufacturer of quality Shot Blasting Machines, Shot Peening Equipment, Abrasive Sandblasting Cabinets, Turbine Wheel Blasting Machines, Sandblast Pots and Sand Blasting Rooms. Supplying the Abrasive Sandblasting and Shot Peening Industries, they carry a large range of Sandblasting Abrasive Media including Steel Grit, Steel Shot, Garnet, Glass Bead, Ceramic, Aluminium Oxide, Plastic, and Organic Blast Media. We also hold a large range of accessories including Sandblast Hoses, Sandblasting Nozzles, Operator Sandblast Helmets and Abrasive Media Feed Valves. 


BlastOne offer an extensive line of professional painting and blasting equipment for hire throughout Australia.

BlastOne not only sells superior abrasives and blasting equipment, they also help professional contractors solve problems and inefficiencies that eat away at your profits.  For over 40 years we’ve been teaming with clients to overcome the toughest challenges.

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