concrete grinding wheels

Top concrete grinding wheel manufacturers

Hilti was founded in 1941 from a small family company to the trusted global brand. It’s the most famous concrete cutting & drilling tools company, almost in the whole world. Thanks to their refined diamond cup design, their concrete grinding wheels help crews grind concrete faster than ever. Best of all, they’re designed to last longer. Is there any disadvantage of Hilti grinding wheels? The only one is that the price is high.

BSPTOOLS are a most famous company in china which manufactures concrete grinding wheels, diamond core drilling bits, diamond wire saw and diamond core drilling machines. you can ask them to custom your own grinding wheels to satisfy your demand on size, product quality, and other OEM items.

Top concrete grinding wheel online stores

KMS Tools and Equipment is an industrial distributor that carries a huge selection of tools, from high quality heavy-duty professional tools to value-priced occasional use tools. They offer product warranties and service that consistently deliver great selection, price and expertise. As they said, all with a friendly neighborhood feel.
Products about concrete grinding KMS provides: Lackmond 4″ Diamond Polishing Pad, Qwik Kut 4″ Diamond Grinding Cup, Klingspor C24R Supra 5″ Grinding Wheel, Makita 5″ Concrete Grinder, Klingspor DS600B Supra 7″ Diamond Cup Grinding Wheel

, too. Plus, when you add a vacuum system to capture concrete dust at the source, you’ll have an all-in-one solution for concrete dust control.

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